Inger Johanne Oskal


The Sami band Ánnásuolo was started by John-Kåre Hansen in 2016. The eponymous debut album was released in 2017 followed by Muohtačalmmit -Snowflakes, in 2019. Since the beginning the band has experienced a couple of lineup-changes originally starting out with lead singer Marianne Pentha and drummer Jakop Janssønn. From 2021 the band's new lead singer is Sami artist Inger Johanne Oskal, and Oslo-based Jonas Karlsen is Ánnásuolo's new drummer. Together with the rest of the original members, Svein Schultz (bass), Eirik Fjelde (keys) and John-Kåre Hansen (guitar and vocals), the band had is re-release at the Smeltedigelen Art Festival in September 2021, with a great collaboration with local choir, Haukneskoret.

The crowd responded enthusiastically to Ánnásuolo, whose subtle dynamics and seductive melodies cast a lasting spell

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